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Hollywood History - Located a few feet above the famous nightlife of the Sunset Strip restaurants and clubs, WeHo Heights had a savory reputation of its own.  Legend has it that the former site of 1230 Horn was a famous bordello during Prohibition, and the following stars at one time called these addresses in WeHo Heights home:

1127 - 1/2 Horn - Anthony Perkins

1131 Horn - Gloria Swanson (living here when made SUNSET BLVD), Ava Gardner*, James Dean*

1147 Horn - Warren Oates

1210 Horn - Humphrey Bogart & Mayo Methot

1217 Horn - Bette Davis, Earl Foxe

1224 Horn - John Webb Dillon

1229 Horn - Aldous Huxley, Lena Horne, Werner Klemperer & Kim Hamilton, Penny Edwards

1230 Horn -  Anthony Quinn, Francesco Quinn, Daniel Quinn, Jose Eber, Richard Grieco, Warren Zevon

Also on Horn (exact address unknown) - Marlene Dietrich, Anita Loos, John Garfield, C. Aubrey Smith

8726 Shoreham - Sir Cedric Hardwicke

8728 Shoreham - Paulette Goddard

8747 Shoreham - Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Ice Cube

8760 Shoreham - Merle Oberon, Patsy Kelly

8770 Shoreham - Lina Basquette & J. Pev Marley

8787 Shoreham  - Ellen Barkin & Gabriel Byrne, Humphrey Bogart & Mayo Methot, Ronald Colman, Joseph Cotton, Billy Daniels, Olivia de Haviland, Paulette Goddard, Alexander Godonuv, Miriam Hopkins, Evelyn Keyes, Peggy Lee, Mitchell Liesen, Diane Linkletter, Burgess Meredith, Mary Parker, David Lee Roth,  Mamie Van Doren, Vivian Vance

(reference for most - www.movielanddirectory.com, * ref. Joycie Fickett)

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