West Hollywood Heights Neighborhood Association

Representing WeHo above Sunset Blvd - Clark, Horn, Larrabee, Ozeta, Sherbourne & Shoreham

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Map of crime in our neighborhood (hopefully not too much!)

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InfoMap displays all discretionary permit projects currently being processed by the Community Development Department. This can include minor projects, such as the construction of a new single-family residence, as well as larger mixed use projects.

 Neighborhood Open House to discuss proposed Mixed Use Project at 8920 Sunset
(Hustler site; hotel and private club with Gwyneth Paltrow have previously been announced)
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Open House will include staffed go-at-your-own-pace stations with opportunities to ask questions and provide direct feedback.

 Complimentary parking is available at the Kings Road Municipal Parking Structure, 8383 Santa Monica Blvd

 Please RSVP to: 8920SunsetBlvd@gmail.com


Pending & Approved Sunset Strip  projects - 2+ million sf planned*

Pending projects for the Sunset Strip (click links for more info) -

8150 Sunset @ Crescent Heights - Frank Gehry-designed mixed use development, five towers (one 15 stories, another 11 stories), 249 residential units, cafes, restaurants, retail, central plaza, 333,600 sf - Construction start expected 2017

8305 Sunset @ Sweetzer - 5-stories/45'.  Retail & restaurant, plus five stories of parking, 13,000 sf -  UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Completion expected 2016.

8430 Sunset @ Olive - House of Blues - two hotels & two condo towers (7-story/76', 6-story/63', 5-story/55', 3-story/35'), 195 units, 230,000 sf  - Construction start expected 2016

8490-8500 Sunset @ La Cienega - South side - Sunset LaCienega Hotels & Condos - Four towers - two @ 10-stories/100', two @ 9-stories/100'.  Retail & restaurant 40,000 sf; hotel & condos, 500 units, 500,000+ sf.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Completion expected 2016.

8497 Sunset @ La Cienega - 8-stories/85'.  North side - retail, restaurant & condos, 35 units, 63,000 sf - On hold pending redesign.

8801 Sunset @ Horn - Tower Records - Development project denied.  Future site of Gibson Guitars 2016, 15 year lease.

8844 Sunset @ Clark - former Tower Video site - Chase bank opened 2014.

8878 Sunset @ San Vicente - Aahs - Property sold Summer 2015. Mixed Use development under consideration. City waiting for proposed plans.

8920 Sunset @ Hilldale - Hustler - Property sold April 2015.  Gwyneth Paltrow club and hotel proposed.  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 5:30 - 7:30 OPEN HOUSE AT CITY HALL TO DISCUSS PROJECT.

8950 Sunset @ Hammond - 6-stories/80' formerly James Hotel project now unnamed hotel, 165 rooms, 170,000+ sf.  Request for entitlement extensions continued October 15, 2015. Construction start date proposed 2016.

9040 Sunset @ Doheny - Two towers - 13-stories/136', 8-stories/136'.  Marriott Edition Hotel with 190 rooms, retail, restaurant & 20 condos, 350,000 sf, 112 parking spaces less than required!  -  UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Completion expected 2018.


Welcome to your Neighborhood Association!

History - The WeHo Heights NA was formed by merging the former Shoreham Heights NA - comprising the streets Horn, Sherbourne and Shoreham, with the unaffiliated nearby streets of Larrabee, Clark and Ozeta Terrace, during the first neighborhood meeting since the city of West Hollywood was incorporated in 1984, held at Horn Plaza on June 11, 2007.  For Hollywood History of neighborhood, click here.

Our Neighborhood - WeHo Heights NA represents 1,010 residences on the only streets north of Sunset in West Hollywood.  The primary issues facing the neighborhood are parking, traffic and over-development.  On a recent survey, over 50% of the respondents have lived in WeHo Heights for over ten years, with half of them residents of the neighborhood over twenty years.

Our Goal - To maintain and preserve the quality of life in our little pocket of West Hollywood, and to create continued awareness of this area in front of the leaders of our City as they make decisions that impact this extremely dense hillside residential neighborhood.

See Archives below for Summaries of neighborhood meetings and WeHoHeights in the News for other commentary.  

Known Residential Projects 

1150 N. Clark - four-story five-unit luxury condominium complex to replace one story home built in 1920.  One of last two Foursquare homes in WeHo.  Home was denied cultural resource status 11/20/2006.  Status: Planning Commission approved 03/20/2008.  On market since 07/08/2009.  Price history: July 2009, listed at $2.1M;  delisted Jan 2010; relisted Jan 2010 at $1.9M; delisted Apr 23, 2010; relisted April 28, 2010 at $1.9M; delisted Nov 5, 2010; relisted Mar 21, 2012 at $995k; delisted May 9, 2012.  Entitlements expired 2014.  Currently off market.  Any new development must start from scratch.

 1150 N. Clark

1127 Horn - Sunset Patios, architect - Edward H. Fickett, FAIA, built in 1947.  Status:  City Council approved Local Cultural Resource designation August 16, 2010.

1127 Horn


1217 N. Horn - Site of former home of Bette Davis (1932).  Four-story seven-unit luxury condominium complex including two on-site Affordable Housing Rental units and no guest parking (including no street parking permits) replaced one story home built in 1927 and demolished 6/2/2008 without proof of construction financing as required by code   Status:  Lot purchased Feb 2007 in flip sale for $2.05M.  Sales history - 2/22/2007, $2.05M;  3/30/2005, $1.58M;  9/1/2004, $1.25M; 9/1/2000, $630k; 4/10/1998, $60k; 11/10/1997, $313k.  Price history:  2007, listed at $2.75M; Feb 2008, lowered to $2.675M; Mar 2008, lowered to $2.65M; May 2008, lowered to $2.3M; October 2010, lowered to $1.499M; June 2011, lowered to $995k; October 2011, lowered to $899k.  Sold 11/21/2011, $875k. Construction complete Mar 2015.  Affordable Rentals occupied Summer 2015.  Price history: Five townhomes listed May 2015, $1.5M - $2.5M. Delisted Sep 2015.  Available for rent Oct 2015.

   1217 N. Horn

1128 N. Larrabee - six-unit rental building designed by architect Edward H. Fickett, FAIA, built in 1953.  Nominated for Cultural Resource designation in 2008 City Council denied Local Cultural Resource Designation,  April 4, 2011.

1128 N. Larrabee

1219 N. Larrabee - six-unit rental building built in 1954.  Status:  Listed for sale since May 2008.  Price History:  lowered from $1.5M; original list $2M, Keller Williams. 12/15/2009, removed from listings; 05/06/2010, relisted for $1.549M; 05/08/2010, lowered to $1.5M; 06/04/2010, lowered to $1.49M; 06/18/2010, lowered to $1.4M; 08/15/2010, lowered to $1.35M; 09/24/2010, lowered to $1.25M; 04/06/2011, price increased to $1.35M; 09/2011, off market.

 1219 N. Larrabee

1223 N. Larrabee - four story eight-unit luxury condominium complex to replace one story home built in 1933.  Sales history: 07/11/1995, $225,000; 10/02/2006, $1.618M; 6/9/2009, $875,000.  Project approved March 3, 2008.  Project up for sale with approved plans 4/30/2008.  Price history: Listed 4/30/2008, $2.2M; 11/1/2008, raised to $2.995M; SOLD 6/9/2009, $728k; 6/11/2009, lowered to $1.4M; 08/27/2009, lowered to $1.35M; 02/10/2010, lowered to $1.325M; 04/25/2010, lowered to $1.295M; 08/07/2010, lowered to $1.195M; 12/04/2011, lowered to $999k; 12/22/2011, lowered to $975k; 12/29/2011, lowered to $925k and listed as SINGLE FAMILY HOME.  Sold 12/28/2012, $900k.  CONSTRUCTION ONGOING A/O JUN 2015.  COMPLETION DATE UNKNOWN.

1223 N. Larrabee

Pending Sunset Blvd Commercial Projects

8150 Sunset - former Garden of Allah site, now strip mall at Crescent Heights to be $300M Frank Gehry-designed mixed use development.  5 architecturally distinct buildings, 333,600 sq ft, 249 condos, cafes, 100,000 sq ft restaurants and retail, rooftop terraces and a central plazas. 15- story condo tower, 11-story tower, three other towers. Project monitored by neighborhood SaveSunsetBoulevard alliance.   Construction start expected 2017. 

8150 Sunset


8305 Sunset - next to Cabo Cantina. Retail/restaurant/parking, 12,000 sf, 5 stories.  Status:  UNDER CONSTUCTION. Completion expected Oct 2015..

parking lot next to Cabo Cantina

8401 Sunset - Hyatt West Hollywood transformed into Andaz West Hollywood, an upscale luxury chain from Hyatt.  Opened 12/01/2008.

Andaz West Hollywood

8418-8430 Sunset.  House of Blues - to be Sunset Time Hotel & Condos - 149 hotel rooms/40 condos + 5 affordable units, 16,000 sq ft retail - 288,000 sq ft on 2 acres . Four towers - 7-story/76', 6-story/63', 5-story/55', 3-story/35'. Status:  Construction start expected 2016

House of Blues Sunset Time 8418 Sunset

8490-8500 Sunset / La Cienega -  former Petersen Building, now Sunset LaCienega Hotel & Condos. Four towers - two @ 10-story 100' hotel towers on E side of LaCie (296 rooms), 235,000 sq ft, two @ 8-story 100' condo towers on W side LaCie (190 units), 292,000 sq ft. Retail & restaurants. Status: UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Construction completion expected Dec 2016.

Sunset LaCienega 8490-8500 Sunset

8497-8499 Sunset / La Cienega @ Miller Drive -  8-stories/85'. 63,000 sq ft mixed use - retail / restaurant / residential with vehicular access on Miller Drive on site of 16,000 sq ft residential building.  Status:  City of Los Angeles denied approval of LA portion of project. On hold pending redesign.

8499 Sunset

8801 Sunset - former Tower Records - David Barton gym project denied by City of West Hollywood, future site of Gibson Guitars,15 year lease

Tower Records 8801 Sunset

8844 Sunset - former Tower Video - now Chase Bank.  Opened 2014

8844 Sunset

8849 Sunset - retail 8,000 sf.  Status: Unknown?

8878 Sunset - Aahs property sold 2015.  Developer plans unknown at this time but possible Mixed-Use project likely

Aahs 8878 Sunset

8920 Sunset - Hustler property sold 2015.  Gwyneth Paltrow and investors planning upscale club and hotel. Status:  December 8, 2015 - Neighborhood Open House to discuss Mixed Use project

Hustler 8920 Sunset

8950 Sunset - former James Hotel project now unnamed hotel, to be built on site of vacant lot.  6 stories, 165 rooms, 170,000+ sf.  Status:  Request for entitlement extensions continued October 15, 2015. Construction start date proposed 2016.

empty lot 8950 Sunset

9040 Sunset - former Scandia restaurant plus lot next door.  Marriot Hotel purchased for Edition Hotel line - 13 stories, 190 hotel rooms, 20 condos, 350,000 sq ft.  reduced parking (488 spaces required; 376 to be provided), increased height to 136' (100' allowed), change of architectural design from Eric Owen Moss design, expanded street level outdoor dining space, rooftop club, garage level nightclub and other.   Status:  UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Completion expected 2018.

ScandiaMarriott Edition Hotel 9040 Sunset  


Archives -

2007 June - First Neighborhood Annual Meeting

2007 July - Tower Records Development

2007 October  + Survey results - Tower Records Development

2007 November - Tower Records Development

2008 January - Tower Records Development

2008 June - Neighborhood Annual Meeting

2009 June - Neighborhood Annual Meeting

2009 December - Tower Records Development

2010 March - Tower Records Development

2011 June - Neighborhood Annual Meeting

WeHo Heights In The News

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Board of Directors - John Altschul, Chris Clarkin, Elyse Eisenberg (Chair), Bjorn Johnson, Jon Kolbeck, Gene Smith, David Weissfeld (Co-Chair, National Night Out Committee), Sibyl Zaden (Delegate, Chairman Emeritus/Shoreham Heights NA; Co-Chair, National Night Out Committee)

Last Annual Meeting - June 2013

Horn Plaza Community Room, 1230 Horn Avenue

Honorable Guest:  Mayor Abbe Land

Guest Speaker:  New Community Development Director Stephanie DeWolfe

Next Annual Meeting TBD 2016

WeHo Heights Neighborhood Association represents the residents of the 1100 & 1200 blocks of Horn Avenue, 8700 block of Shoreham Drive, 1100 block of Sherbourne Drive, 1100 & 1200 blocks of N. Clark Street, 1100, 1200 & 1300 blocks of N. Larrabee Street, and 1200 & 1300 blocks of Ozeta Terrace in West Hollywood, CA.

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Contact wehoheights@gmail.com for more information and to join the mailing list.

Last Update December 2, 2015

For Hollywood History of WeHo Heights click here.